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A 360° view on the art market

Art Viewing was born from the observation that no company offered its clients a true sales strategy that, for each object, researches and examines the best channel of sale, the valuation, or even the target audience.

We believe that each object can achieve the highest possible selling price if it is correctly appraised and strategically sold within its own market. 


A technological innovation

Art Viewing has developed a tool which optimizes the costs and the periods usually needed to sell an artwork, when it comes to private, auctions or online sales.

Linked with this technology, our team of experts masters the specificities regarding logistic, taxation and inheritance in order to provide full support.


The first online broker

While buying artworks is becoming more and more accessible, reselling it remains a true challenge.

Art Viewing provides you its expertise to answer your specific requirements towards a market that brought together a diversity of players.

Saying out loud what objects are thinking quietly
When you speak with Art Viewing, you talk to the whole art market
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